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Monday, 28 July 2014

More Trippin'

Our Bay of Fundy adventure took us to Black's Harbour where we caught the ferry to Grand Manan.
The very pleasant crossing took about an hour and a half.  There was wi-fi on the ferry, but we spent our time on the top deck enjoying the spectacular scenery (and taking way too many pictures!)
The Bay of Fundy is dotted with lots of small rocky islands, each with a lighthouse.  
Needless to say, we saw a great many lighthouses.  This one below was the same design as Cape d'Or.  We saw lots this same utilitarian style around the Bay.

We drove to the very tip of the island to see this light station. It reminded us of our visit to Cape Forshu a couple of years ago.

The island certainly had its charm. Our printed map showed what we thought to be a town named Flock of Sheep.  As we approached, this was painted on the road.  Stopping to follow the arrow, it took us on a path to a look-off on the side of a cliff.  We believe the flock of sheep refers to a group of rocks in the bay, but it was too foggy to see them.
This is a gate to a tea room we passed.  I love it!  Now I want a gate...
The big draw for me was to see Dark Harbour as this is where the world's best dulce is harvested.  I am a big dulce lover!

Here are nets stretched over stones where the dulce is spread to dry.  (At home we always did it on sheets on the lawn.)

We enjoyed our stay on the island very much.  The ferry took us back to the mainland and we continued on the next leg of our Bay of Fundy cruise *-)

Sunday, 27 July 2014

We've Been Trippin'...

Hubby and I have been off on a little Fundy adventure.  We started by visiting Cape Chignecto.
I'm always on the look out for gorgeous spots to photograph my quilts, and I don't think you can beat this vista.
We continued on up to Advocate Harbour where we spotted this appropriately named boat:
Then on to beautiful Cape d'Or, so named by Champlain when he saw the glistening copper coast.

It was a beautiful day perfect for a hike so we left the car and accepted the invitation.

These are the rocks off the end of the lighthouse, and you can see the "Dory Rips" in the water.  

We didn't quite make it to Five Islands, ending at Parrsboro on this leg before heading further down the coast past Saint John, N.B.  

Saturday, 19 July 2014

An Evening With Kaffe Fassett

Yesterday Amherst was treated to a very special occurrence - a visit from Kaffe Fassett!  Deanne Fitzpatrick deserves a lot of credit and thanks for enticing this renowned designer to visit our small town.
Amherst was hopping yesterday with many out of town fibre enthusiasts here for the big event.  Kaffe himself dropped in for a tour of Mrs. Pugsley's Emporium early in the afternoon.
The lecture was held in First Baptist Church.  There is a horseshoe balcony around the perimeter of this roomy sanctuary which allowed for overflow - and a terrific bird's eye view.  I confess someone saved prime seats for us in the second row (thanks Lou!)
Lights were out for the presentation and flash was not allowed so there are no good pictures to share.
(On a side note...that's one of my paraments on the pulpit peeking out from behind the screen :)
After both Kaffe and design partner Brandon Mably spoke, there was a book signing in the vestry.  I brought along two books to have autographed.  On the six degrees of separation theory... I actually have a quilt in the same book as one of Kaffe's so I was very keen to have that one signed.
The book is called America From The Heart and it features quilts made in response to the Sept 11 terrorist attacks.  The quilts were exhibited at IQF Houston and then auctioned as a fund raiser for the families affected.  Many doors opened for me professionally because of this exhibit and book.
AQS quilt appraiser Diane Shink happened to be at that exhibit in Houston in 2001 and contacted me after viewing my quilt.  We met up and eventually Diane and  I co-authored Canadian Heritage Quilting. It was no surprise to see Diane in attendance at the lecture yesterday;  always alert and taking notes to be used in her work, you can see that she has several papers tucked inside her copy of Kaffe's latest book. Diane doesn't miss anything connected to quilting!
Diane Shink, Brandon Mably, Kaffe Fassett
Thank you Deanne for making this huge event happen right here in our hometown.

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Nova Scotia Fibre Arts Festival 2014

Hopefully by now every one is busily making plans to come to Amherst, Nova Scotia in October.  Once again our town is hosting a festival to celebrate the fibre arts and you're all invited to join in the fun.  The Nova Scotia Fibre Arts Festival encompasses all aspects of fibre arts (knitting, hooking, crochet, etc.) but since readers of this blog are primarily quilters, the focus is just on quilting here.
There are workshops being offered on a wide range of topics and techniques, presented by well known quilters: (please click on the links to visit individual websites):
Tiny Treasures -Miniature Quilt ( Linda Hubbard), Crazy Quilting (Vera McInnis), Ricky`s Harmonic Convergence (Mary Farrow Sinclair), Quilted Art Fabric Design (Jan Boiduk), Thread Vessels(Deb Plestid), and 3 Bums on a Beach (Deb Plestid). Kathy Tidswell will be with us again to teach two workshops:  Designing Wearable Art and Creating With Thread.  In addition to the workshops, there are also shows by the local guilds - Quilt Expressions and The Cumberland Quilter's Guild- and a two day exhibit of the work of  The Maritime Modern Quilt Guild. Award winning quilter Karen Henry will visit to present a trunk show of her amazing quilts.You won't want to miss The Zonta B A Z A A R on Friday - a dazzling shopping extravaganza and café where you can purchase some of the amazing materials and fibre art you've been admiring all week-it's always awesome!
Dayle's Department Store is hosting their very popular quilt block contest and will have demos and displays every day in their Dry Goods section. New this year will be a couple of fibre-themed luncheons and teas at various spots in the downtown- one celebrating Amherst's 125 birthday with an apron display- and a fun Crazy Quilt Tea at the YMCA where the décor will be (did you guess?) crazy quilts! The popular Fibre Arts Walking Tour takes you on a jaunt around our historic downtown to see artists' work showcased in windows and storefronts. In another post I will tell you some of the prizes available to participants this year; you will be blown away by what you can win.

For the first time in 7 years since the festival began, I will not be offering a workshop. I thank each of you who has written to enquire - it was truly heartwarming to hear from you.  I decided to do something different and instead will hang a week long solo exhibit of New York Beauty quilts. I will be in attendance each day at the show. I'll tell you more about that in a later post, but briefly stated it will be at Mrs. Pugsley's Emporium (just 3 doors down from Festival Headquarters).  It's free to attend, and you don't need tickets or anything to come - just drop in and have a look around.
A similar and equally impressive list of events is also scheduled for other fibre art disciplines
(i.e. knitting, crochet, rug hooking). Note that registration for the workshops has already begun, so make sure you get your name in early (registration info is available under "Workshop Descriptions" on the festival blog) The  Festival website is being updated and will be live soon; in the meantime, please visit our blog for the latest updates and further information on all the events there. You can also check us out on Twitter:  and Facebook:
Whether you are here to see it, like it, make it, wear it, buy it, sell it, or give it - you can do it all in Amherst, October 14th -18th. We'd love to have you join us! 

Just so you know...

I've been hacked again - this time my Twitter account, which I honestly have never used.  Please disregard the rather rude comments someone is posting with my name - I swear it wasn't me!  

Monday, 7 July 2014

Exposition Couvertes Piquées 2014

For visitors to our province or for locals wanting a memorable experience, the annual quilt show in Saulnierville, Nova Scotia is a must see!  I had the pleasure of attending this show in 2012;  my post is here.  This show is special - there's no other way to say it. The abundance of quilts and the skill and craftsmanship of the Clare quilters displayed in the magnificent sanctuary of  Eglise Sacré-Coeur is nothing short of breath-taking.
Quilt-Expo will be held this year from July 28 to August 1, 2014. Hours of operation will be from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. daily except Friday August 1 when the Expo will close at 4 p.m. Admission is $5.You can visit the website for more information, or email Joan.  If you've never gone, make this the year to do so - you will love it!

Arthur Aftermath

Hurricane Arthur visited us Saturday...although by the time he arrived he had downsized himself to a Tropical Storm.  It was rather exciting to see what would happen as the track of the storm was directly over Amherst!
Friday night, like most everyone else, we visited the grocery store to stock up...just in case. We were greeted with a double rainbow over the Sobeys parking lot.

The storm hit mid day Saturday.Truthfully, we have had far worse. Our power went off and on, off and on three times. We were much luckier than many not to have lost it for long;  parts of the Maritimes are still without and perhaps will be for a few days yet. We headed out to check for damage to the bee hives.  On the road to the farm, the fields were littered with downed branches.
This one partly blocked the road into the bees (can you see the hives to the right just in front of the tall windbreak?  In past windstorms, those trees have blown over onto the hives.)  
The bees were completely happy, seemingly oblivious to all the weather drama.
There were lots of  small cones on the ground so I gathered a bunch to burn in the smoker.
When they go in slightly damp, they give off lots of sweet-smelling smoke.
Back home, we surveyed our yard to find multiple small branches off but no loss of big trees.  In our neighbour's yard, this one just missed hitting their house.
Our yard is littered with sticks and leaves.  Someone is going to have to clean all that up before I can mow!
Thanks for all the emails of concern.  It's great to have Cyber-friends who care.

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Ruby Red & White

Canada Day 2014;  we're all celebrating our country's 147th birthday!
Over the years I've made a lot of red and white quilts.  Last year I added these placemats to dress up our table.  I have a free pattern for another placemat with a Canadiana theme here if you'd like to make some of your own.
Naturally, I've also made a maple leaf quilt.  Not sure how many years ago this one was made but seriously close to 30, I think!  My machine quilting has come a long way since this one was made.

Although not terribly patriotic, one of my favourites is this geometric Drunkard's Path.
My favourite is my well-travelled Log Canada, pictured here at the Public Gardens in Halifax, N.S.
I am thrilled to read my email this morning and learn that Log Canada has been selected to be part of International Quilt Festival's Ruby Jubilee exhibit this fall in Houston.  IQF is celebrating 40 years and is marking the occasion with an exhibit of red and white quilts.  I am honoured our national colours fit so well with this show.

Happy Canada Day!